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Who We Are

The Cultural Academy for the Arts and Sciences (C.A.A.S.) believes in providing an academically rigorous education that is proactive and responsive to all student needs. Our school community is a personalized learning environment where both the academic program and organizational structure are designed to promote positive and supportive relationships through advisories, student diversity, academic engagement and data-driven instruction. We believe our purpose is to build bridges to college and the world of work. We are committed to empowering EVERY student, building leadership capacity and guiding students to take control of their lives and develop the skills needed to succeed in college and the world beyond.

Principal's Message

Picture of Principal Alexis

“Welcome students and families.  We are glad that you have chosen to be, or are interested in becoming, part of the Cultural Academy for the Arts and Sciences Family. The statement that one of our students wrote on a mural that he created sums it up best. 'Every kid comes to school to find things that interest them. This school gives students the chance to explore new possibilities.' At Cultural Academy for the Arts and Sciences (CAAS) we have a wealth of programs, both during and after school, designed to tap into students’ creativity and to provide personalized learning opportunities and supports. We endeavor to inspire students to discover who they are as they develop skills and acquire knowledge that will enable them to excel in our always evolving global economy. I am honored to partner with you and our entire CAAS community to ensure that your child or children succeed."

- Sanatha Alexis, Principal

We are committed to providing equal access to success under an umbrella of support.

Our Mission

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Our Vision

We envision the development of the whole child by partnering with all stakeholders to provide equal access to experiences in the arts and sciences that connect to the next stage of our students' academic, social and professional 21st century lives.

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